Flyers for FUDCon BOS 2008?

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Tue Jun 10 16:33:14 UTC 2008

Paul W. Frields wrote:
> On Fri, 2008-06-06 at 09:51 -0400, Jesse Keating wrote:
>> A local university I have contacts with are asking about flyers to put
>> up around the university advertising the upcoming FUDCon event.  Mo has
>> offered to create some from her templates, but she needs content to put
>> in it.  Can ya'll work up some content regarding the event for her?
> Has anyone picked up the task of providing this content?  Here's
> something I wrote for the Summit folks for their daily event newspaper.
> NOTE:  Not all of this is going to be relevant in the context of a
> university flier.  I trust people's good judgment to adapt it
> properly. :-)
> '''
> FUDCon at the Summit
> While Red Hat executives, developers, partners, and customers are
> rubbing elbows at the Summit, there's a whole additional event going on
> simultaneously. You'll find the Fedora community hard at work,
> brainstorming, planning, and hacking on the future of our free, leading
> edge, community supported platform. From Thursday to Saturday, we're
> holding a Fedora Users and Developers Conference (FUDCon) here in
> Boston.
> Thursday and Friday we'll be here in the Hynes Center on the third
> floor, holding all-day “hackathon” sessions extending over many
> workgroups in several rooms in the FUDCon space. You can stop by,
> introduce yourself, and meet world-class developers, designers, and
> system administrators. Ask about the features or platform enhancements
> they're working on. Heck, you might even want to roll up your sleeves
> and get involved when you meet some of the brainiacs behind Fedora.
> On Saturday, we're moving to Boston University, where we'll hold a full
> day of BarCamp sessions. At a standard conference, some of the most
> rewarding conversations are those that happen in the hallways between or
> after sessions. BarCamp makes those conversations the entire focus of
> the day. Speakers pitch their talks first thing in the morning, and then
> the entire audience collaborates with them on shaping the schedule for
> the day.
> Sound like chaos? Maybe a bit, but out of that chaos comes one of the
> most energizing, captivating, and informative days of Fedora-related
> talk imaginable. And when it's all over, we'll adjourn to the
> ever-popular FUDPub, where the conversations can continue over a
> beverage of your choice.
> This innovative and results-centered approach has made FUDCon a can't
> miss event for hundreds of Fedora community members and open source
> enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. We hope you'll join us while
> you're here in Boston and embrace the passionate spirit of free and open
> source software that Fedora's all about.
> By the way, we'll also be at the Summit's Fedora booth, located near the
> Cool Stuff Store. If you bring us a 2 GB or larger USB key, we'll turn
> it into a portable Fedora 9 Live system you can use with any USB booting
> computer. And all without messing with your other data on the USB key.
> No muss, no fuss. So even if you can't fit all the FUDCon innovation in
> around the other fun and learning at the Summit, you can still take a
> little souvenir home with you.
> '''
Thats a great start to the flyers , how ever i'd klike to see some art 
work on the so people know  that they are  official project  marketing  

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