fedoraLife Concept (condensed version) online now

Markus McLaughlin hudsonman35 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 15:15:54 UTC 2008

Okay guys, I hear what you say BUT Fedora needs basic tools for photos,
video, voice chats, and burning DVDs that uses already existing CLI tools in
a friendlier GUI.  I was only presenting ideas for sub-projects that don't
need to be rushed but just worked on little by little.  The condensed
version is now at http://linuxglobe.wordpress.com, I have to add the
Conclusion now, there was no room for it.  If anyone like to see the visuals
in full glory, let me know a good free photo hosting service, I can
accommodate in that manner.  Keep talking about ideas, that is what I do all
the time on my blogs...

*Markus McLaughlin
Hudson, MA, USA*
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