Now, that I got people talking...

Ricardo Garcia rick.g777 at
Thu Jun 19 22:13:37 UTC 2008

> The ultimate problem is ffmpeg has made no
> effort to make it easy to use what libavcodec provides in a modular
> fashion and lump all capability into a compile time choices instead of
> run time detection.

Now *THAT* is a good idea for a project.

Forking libavcodec and making a nice C++ pluggable interface to it. If
you want your module, just compile it using the "insert your codec
library here" API and have the plugin in .so format.

I think this idea is advanced and interesting enough for people to get
interested. And say the sooner this is started, the better. I
absolutely hate to depend on an unstable and ever-changing API.

Volunteers? :)

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