Fixing ffmpeg (was: people talking...)

Ricardo Garcia rick.g777 at
Wed Jun 25 00:48:28 UTC 2008

I'd like to add to the discussion a fact I just discovered.

As far as I know (I spent a while googling, if I'm wrong someone
correct me please), there is *NO* alternative for ffmpeg regarding
codecs. There might be one or two codec source codes out there, but as
a package, ffmpeg is the only one. Xine sure works in some things, but
it's exclusive for gnu/linux (ffmpeg is cross-platform), and in some
parts it ends up depending on ffmpeg.

In other words, for all purposes, ffmpeg is indeed a monopoly (I'm not
saying it's illegal or their fault, I'm just stating that there's no
competition to ffmpeg yet). And as a result, we are at the mercy of
one programming team and the decisions they make.

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