Small Businesses WILL need a Red Hat Linux suited for them!!!

Markus McLaughlin hudsonman35 at
Wed Jun 25 23:56:37 UTC 2008

I remember Red Hat Linux all too well, I think it needed to go away for a
while, but now that Vista isn't doing so well, it is time to revive RHL but
have it sold to Small Businesses instead.  So I will put out the Proposal on
my Linux Blog and see if that need could be fulfilled.  I am tired of seeing
Target sell JUST Windows Vista or XP Software.  Remember, I am not a
Programmer, just a Concept Man.  When I have an idea, I go with it, and
see if it could be made, be it a film, tv show, or maybe even an Operating
System!  Never say never!

*Mark McLaughlin
Hudson, MA*
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