Small Businesses WILL need a Red Hat Linux suited for them!!!

"Sankarshan (সঙ্কর্ষণ)" foss.mailinglists at
Thu Jun 26 00:31:05 UTC 2008

Markus McLaughlin wrote:
> I remember Red Hat Linux all too well, I think it needed to go away for 
> a while, but now that Vista isn't doing so well, it is time to revive 
> RHL but have it sold to Small Businesses instead.  So I will put out the 
> Proposal on my Linux Blog and see if that need could be fulfilled.  I am 
> tired of seeing Target sell JUST Windows Vista or XP Software.  

To begin addressing this space, it would require a jot-down of what 
tasks the Small Businesses expect to achieve using this OS, what 
services they currently consume and desire replaced by a FOSS stack and 
what applications are available that can meet their needs.

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