Small Businesses WILL need a Red Hat Linux suited for them!!!

Jeff Spaleta jspaleta at
Thu Jun 26 00:46:25 UTC 2008

2008/6/25 Markus McLaughlin <hudsonman35 at>:
> I remember Red Hat Linux all too well, I think it needed to go away for a
> while, but now that Vista isn't doing so well, it is time to revive RHL but
> have it sold to Small Businesses instead.  So I will put out the Proposal on
> my Linux Blog and see if that need could be fulfilled.  I am tired of seeing
> Target sell JUST Windows Vista or XP Software.  Remember, I am not a
> Programmer, just a Concept Man.  When I have an idea, I go with it, and
> see if it could be made, be it a film, tv show, or maybe even an Operating
> System!  Never say never!

This really isn't the appropriate place for this.  Fedora's community
marketing group isn't going to be marketing and sort of product that
is meant to be sold to small businesses or to anyone else for that
matter. If OEMs or some other business entity want to install Fedora
on retail computer systems and attempt to make a profitable business
doing it, they are welcome to attempt it. If Fedora as a project needs
to change to make that possible, I welcome any conversation with OEMs
on how to better include them in our contributor-base.  But any
substantial effort to better accommodate these sort of business
endeavors will only be done when there are contributors who are
interested in doing the work.


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