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11:54 < stickster> This is what we get for not pruning as we go for so long.
11:54 < gregdek> Well, considering that this is clearly already being handled by the docs 
                 team, maybe we just kill this work item altogether.
11:54 < stickster> i.e. lots of work all at once to accomplish painful but important goal 
11:54 < stickster> gregdek: I think that makes sense.
11:54 < stickster> Or at least reference it and make it clearly a Docs task

Sure, there is some clear ownership of this page in a technical sense --
how it is constructed, the wiki nature, process rules, etc.  The
*content* within this structure is another matter:

* Some comes from something that is like a Beat Summary, a short few
paragraphs for each beat or beat area that can be reused in release
notes and press kits.

* Some is pure Marketing owned -- the Project Overview, for example,
that talks about mission, governorship, etc.

* Technical content and quality assurance comes through Docs, from
various parts of the project (including writers within Docs itself)

In order to get something concreted on the Marketing tasks, we'll need
to suss out the structure a bit more, I reckon.  Paul has kindly agreed
to help, since he and I sort-of have the only brain between us that
understands how this all might work.

- Karsten
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