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Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Thu Mar 27 22:42:23 UTC 2008

Max Spevack wrote:

> First:
>     What from the "features" list was Red Hat or Fedora the upstream 
> of?  Where have we created features that are being used cross-distro but 
> it is recognized that Fedora or Red Hat is the upstream innovator?

PackageKit - Red Hat has a number of developers who have contributed 
extensively. Richard Hughes (PackageKit, GNOME Power Manager primary 
developer) is now a Red Hat employee

GVFS - GNOME VFS replacement was primarily done by Alexander Larsson who 
is also the primary maintainer of Nautilus.

GDM - William Jon McCann (ConsoleKit developer and maintainer who has 
worked on gnome-screensaver, rhythmbox etc) is leading upstream rewrite.

X - Adam Jackson is upstream release engineer for the new release and 
has done a lot of related work.

FreeIPA - Red Hat's project. Refer

Virtualization - Tons of work including a port of Xen on para virt ops 
and policy kit integration from Red Hat virtualization team

Jidgo integration - Jeroen Van Meeuwen is leading integration

Ext4 - Eric Sandeen who is the lead for Ext4 integration within Fedora 
is also a upstream contributor

Firefox 3 - Christopher Aillon is one of the Linux release engineers for 

K12Linux - Warren Togami is working with upstream

GCC 4.3 - Red Hat has extensive contributions. Jakub Jelinek leading 
Fedora integration is one of the upstream developers.

Live CD persistence - Douglas McClendor (dmc) did a lot of the work as a 
volunteer community member. Jeremy Katz has done the integration and 
minor changes.

Bluetooth - Bastien Nocera has done a lot of the upstream work

Clock Applet - Feature from SLED but IIUC Matthias Clasen is driving 
upstream integration

Anaconda - Lot of work including filesystem encryption, partition 
resizing - Anaconda team

If you want to highlight Fedora community efforts primarily that would 
include dmc's work on live cd persistence, jidgo integration, KDE SIG 
team work on KDE 4, upstart integration.

I might have missed out certain things. Feel free to add your favorite 
contribution/contributors here.


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