PR for Fedora 10 on the XO laptops.

Karlie Robinson karlie_robinson at
Sat Nov 8 17:13:32 UTC 2008

Hey everyone. 

Buzz about F10 as an alternate OS for the One Laptop Per Child's XO 
laptop has been underwhelming.  Give one Get one starts in just a few 
days at and there's not much known about the F10 option. 

Could you help create some buzz? 

Digg it at

For those of you who "Stumble" could you give 
thumbs up?   

Tweet about F10 on the XO, anything you can think of.  This doesn't just 
spread Fedora, but it helps the OLPC mission in a big way.  For every 
person who wants an XO, a child will receive a lifetime of learning. 

Let us know about any other articles you find talking about F10 on the 
XO so we can digg, tweet and Stumble it. 

If you're not the Social networking type, can you help the rest of us 
come up with talking points to promote this F10 as an option for the XO? 

The marketing points I have so far ...
... makes the XO behave like other small form factor (SFF) laptops. 
... This is an exclusive piece of hardware.  You can't get an XO just 
... When you buy an XO you're helping children - you can't say that 
about other SFF Laptops
... There's no need to skip the XO because you're not hyped about the 
child-friendly Desktop Environment.  With Fedora on the XO, you'll be 
computing like you normally do. 
... How 'bout that wifi?  Those 'ears' double the hot spots you could 
normally connect to.  (No, really! When connecting at home with ordinary 
wireless devices, I see 2-3 other networks.  With the XO I see 5-6)


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