needs some Fedora Love

Karlie Robinson karlie_robinson at
Sat Nov 15 23:19:40 UTC 2008

Actually, Both OLPC and Fedora opted out of any earnings so the prices 
have been set based on cost recovery, but the F10 card does help boost 
sales of the XO during Give One Get One because Fedora adds flexibility 
to the hardware. 

So think of boosting 'profit' for OLPC and Fedora in terms of reach.  
Each XO user is a potential Fedora user and each Fedora user is a 
potential XO user.  Not to mention new folks on both sides of that 
equation knowing that they'll get an OS their kids will love (Sugar) and 
one where the layout and function is more familiar (Fedora). 

The price of the cards at is $32.02 and $40 at Amazon to 
account for their commission of 15% and $1.35 per card plus their 
monthly membership fee. 

If you want a blank card I can extend the 'testing' price to make sure 
you get one at cost ($30US)  We'll have them in inventory on the 19th as 
we prepare for duplication once F10 is released. 

Email off list if you have questions on prices. 


Russell Harrison wrote:
> Well I need to buy a bigger SD card for testing this anyway.  Assuming
> the revenue from these sales makes its way back to the OLPC and / or
> Fedora I'd be happy to make the first purchase.  Any of us that do
> purchase from here should help it popularity.  Has the price been
> determined yet?  It isn't showing in the Amazon page.
> Russell

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