needs some Fedora Love

Karlie Robinson karlie_robinson at
Sun Nov 16 14:43:18 UTC 2008

Jon Stanley wrote:
> I noticed that in the bullet list, persistant is misspelled (should be
> persistent).  
Thanks - I was able to change it last night.  I really appreciate the 
extra eyes on this.  I've spent so much time looking at it that it's 
hard to see what's really there. 

> I'm spinning a new LiveCD right now with the latest
> fixes since preview so that I can provide some pictures that are very
> close to what F10 will look like on it (rawhide even says F10 right
> now!).
> I'll probably feature it next to my rawhide testing machine (an HP
> Pavilion "normal" laptop, 15.4", which will showcase the size of the
> XO).
That would be wonderful. 

We have plans to add more images, but I think "customer images" will 
give a much better impression. 

I'm sure there will be XO users hearing about Fedora for the very first 
time.  Customer action shots will have an effect by showing that while 
Fedora on the XO is new, Fedora itself has a history. 

Obviously we can't say for sure what goes through every person's mind, 
but your 'action shots' could help someone decide on Fedora. 

We're also hoping for some good exposure at Amazon and OLPC is going 
strong with promotions - in fact I heard that Tom Brady (Popular NFL 
Quarter Back for the New England Patriots before his injury) had filmed 
a promo for Give One Get One. 

Now think of it this way - last year G1G1 had 16k Laptops ordered on the 
first day and the expectation is to double this year.  If the SD card is 
listed along side, what could that do for promoting Fedora as a whole? 


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