Wikipidia - Goodbye Red Hat and Fedora

Luis Felipe Marzagao/Yahoo lfbm.andamentos at
Sat Oct 11 05:16:06 UTC 2008

Rahul, Steven, Stephen: thanks for the constructive points you have 
made. Much better than asking what he or she is doing... Things are 
clearer to me. Again, I'm sorry if I'm incisive. I already spread the 
Fedora word at my region and I'm always looking on some ways to improve 
it. My intentions are the best.

Rahul Sundaram escreveu:
> Luis Felipe Marzagao/Yahoo wrote:
>> Yes, it´s pretty clear... Of course we can do whatever we want.... If 
>> I want to open the "Space Monkeys Fedora" project I could.. But 
>> that´s not the point here.
> You will have to call it something else otherwise it would be a 
> trademark violation ;-)
>> We are talking about wheter or not the Fedora board is willing to 
>> sponsor this idea.
> Fedora Board does not have the ability to command volunteers. People 
> do the work involved and then ask Fedora Board to endorse an existing 
> effort. That's how existing sub projects has done. That's how Fedora 
> Legacy did it as well. The point is that you have to demonstrate that 
> there are people involved who are willing to put in the effort 
> required to maintain a release for a longer period of time.
> Rahul

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