Opening RHM/news.fp.o

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Sun Oct 12 12:12:43 UTC 2008

2008/10/12 Rahul Sundaram <sundaram at>:
> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
>> is basically MU, so we can use virtually the same
>> workflow that we'd use on a Fedora hosted solution. People who want to
>> contribute will need a account, and then they can be
>> added in any number of different roles such as editor, author,
>> contributor etc.
> Alright. Registered at

What email address did you use to register? That's the part I need to
know. Will add this information to the initial post and put that up
later today I think.

After you send me your email address, I'll add you as an
administrator. Think we could do with discussing some guides about
how/when to post, criteria for adding users for each of the different
roles etc?


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