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Tue Oct 14 09:36:16 UTC 2008

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> Secondly, and this is where I'd like feedback, FWN was not reformatted
> at all from the wiki. While WordPress did a great job at converting
> all of the existing formatting, I'd like to know if people would
> prefer it in any other formats. This could include anything from
> header styles, page breaks, inline links... the list goes on.

Well, if you ask about the layout, I have a few complaints about the 
general layout:
- I think I could read better the text with a slightly larger font;
- the center column is to narrow and hard to read (about 420px, meaning 
about 11 cm on my 43.5 cm wide display);
- you have a "blogroll" sidebox with a link to fp.o. I think blogroll is 
more like a list of blogs, so either leave its name as "blogroll" and 
link there to blogs (planet fedora, red hat magazine, etc.) or rename it 
to "links" and leave the fp.o link in place (very useful to have). Or 
maybe have both boxes?
- I know this require some (a lot of?) work, but I would like to see FM 
using a theme close the theme used on the other Fedora websites.

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