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2008/10/13 Ross Wardrup <minorsecond at>

> Hello,
> My name is Ross Wardrup, and I'm from Denton, Texas, USA. I'm a student at
> the University of Norht Texas and I'm going to school for computer science.
> I'm also a produce stocker at Wal-Mart at the moment, which I'm hoping to
> change soon. I hope to promote Fedora at my university and city and also to
> help my marketing and people skills, and to help my future career. I'd like
> to talk about installing Fedora on Apple Macbooks, because that is what I
> use. I'd like to see greater compatablity with Apple products in Fedora, but
> with Rawhide, that really doesn't seem to be a problem. I'd also like to try
> to get into coding once I gain more skill, since that's what I'm being
> educated for. I have no official qualifications in marketing or promoting,
> but I have been promoting Linux in general for several years and have gotten
> at least 10 people to switch over. I think I've got some good ideas on how
> to promote Fedora at UNT, including getting a booth set up with laptops and
> letting people "click around" Fedora.
> Sincerely,
> Ross Wardrup
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