fedora updates and lts

Jonas Karlsson jonas.karlsson at fxdev.com
Wed Oct 22 08:02:06 UTC 2008

Mani A wrote:
> He is probably talking about 'Marketing it that way' :)
> Best
> A. Mani
marketing can still be done in the traditional way. The users/public as 
stated before likes releases. To know that something has 
progressed/changed. But I was in the end more interested in making it 
easier for the end user! Some may say that this development model 
(previous mail) isn't possible, it may not be easy, but still possible. 
It may sometimes require development branching for testing major changes 
that when finnished get merged to the mail stable branch. That may or 
may not trigger a mini freeze in the updates (to be able to get update C 
you must first update from A to B (uhh kind of ms update, but this can 
be automated))


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