Developers vs Grandmas

Rex Dieter rdieter at
Thu Oct 23 11:52:58 UTC 2008

Doug Berry wrote:

> Let me give an example: Fedora 8-KDE, the GIMP spin-off Krita. Great
> little version except that it was almost un-usable for a real artist. Why,
> because the pop-up menu boxes, you needed to do the work, obstructed the
> image area. Sometimes, they got so big you couldn't even see the right
> scroll-bar. You were forever moving them around; the only other choice was
> to turn them all off. They would not slide behind the image window.
> That one flaw, in an otherwise great piece of software, ruined my
> experience 

Excellent feedback... has this been voiced to outside of this forum to
someone that could do something about it?  Hint Hint... :)

I'm sure koffice dev's would be happy to hear it.

-- Rex 

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