four f's poster designs

Ian Weller ianweller at
Fri Oct 24 04:20:20 UTC 2008

On Thu, Oct 23, 2008 at 10:02:57PM -0400, Mairin Duffy wrote:
> Let me know what you think. If we want to go for another look let's talk  
> about the kind of look/feel we should try. Any Fedora Ambassadors  
> reading this, I'd especially like to hear what direction you think we  
> should go in as you're the folks with these posters at events competing  
> with other booths/tables.
Sorry for sending so many emails, but the perfectionist in me is

First, shouldn't the large Fedora infinity symbol be split across the
four posters so that the centers of the strokes of the 'f' are halfway
split over the borders? Right now it's out of balance.

Second, the smaller quad-bubble sets don't line up; the one with the
text inside it sticks out farther than the other three. (Perhaps this
should also be applied to the larger one too, so that the margins
between each bubble is even.)

If I'm not making myself clear, I can mock up some illustrations.

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