store SIG?

Sandro red Mathys red at
Mon Oct 27 09:58:10 UTC 2008

> 2008/10/26 Ian Weller <ianweller at>:
>> Hey all,
>> I haven't heard a thing about the Store SIG [1] for months. Is that
>> still going on behind the scenes or does it need revived?

The Store SIG is pretty much dead, AFAICS. But I'm actually thinking about
just opening a store at (or similar) for Europe. There's
been too much talking about this topic instead of just realizing the
simple idea.

If nobody has a sound objection, I'm going to propose/discuss this shortly
at the upcoming FAD EMEA 2008 in Basel in mid-November before opening such
a store for Europe (except France, where such a shop exists already).

It's time to act.

-- red

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