Developers vs Grandmas

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Mon Oct 27 17:13:48 UTC 2008

> We must also take into consideration that many bug reports remain open
> forever, without any feedback. I have some like that filed by myself. And it
> gets worse if the enhancement suggested might go against the upstream´s
> point of view.

The bug triage team are working very hard on this, and if you're
interested, I'd suggest you chat to them about ways you can help
improve their work further :)
> Anyway, I think the issue is important and I hope the list receives my
> comments with an open spirit. All I say is in the best interests of
> end-users. It´s important such issues are discussed.

As Karsten said, I would definitely recommend taking this conversation
to the devel list, as people there are the one's who will implement
future changes.


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