[Ambassadors] Re: store SIG?

Sandro "red" Mathys red at fedoraproject.org
Tue Oct 28 08:11:09 UTC 2008

Jeffrey Tadlock wrote:
> (...) sell items with a small profit.  In the US that
> would require reporting said profit which Fedora Project is not really
> in the position to do.  The EMEA group would likely be able to work
> around this by opening the store under their control and having it
> fall under the non-profit status.  We do not have that in the US as of
> now.
Good point. I didn't thought about profit reporting yet, but I thought 
about having EMEA's association deal with the European store anyway 
since we need someone to control and distribute the profits.

Why not open the NA-store with the EMEA NPO, too? Might make it more 
difficult or even impossible to have the profits help the NA 
ambassadors. But at least people in NA would be able to get merchandise 
stuff (which again is some sort of advertisement for us) which they 
hardly can nowadays. We could still transfer that store to the NA NPO as 
soon as one is established.

> Another decision the Store SIG had to reach was whether a single
> entity could serve everyone.  After looking at the various options it
> is most likely that one store cannot adequately serve all areas of the
> world.
I totally agree on this. I actually think that's the point where the 
Store SIG spent too much time, trying to have one global store. And 
spreadshirt is really perfectly organized to cover north America and 
Europe with just two stores.

> Also, the French already have a spreadshirt store, so it might be wise
> for the EMEA to see about working with them to avoid paying the annual
> fees to have a customizable store twice.
I think it might prove difficult to do this as the French store collects 
money for the French association, while the European store is meant to 
get the EMEA association some money. But we'll look at this - what do 
you think about that, MrTom?

I'd also like to ask spreadshirt if it's possible to have 2 or 3 stores 
(NA, EU, maybe FR) that have the same items and pricing and only pay the 
annual fee once...somehow. Or maybe for a reduced fee.

-- red

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