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Hi Henrik,

Am Montag, 8. September 2008 18:52:19 schrieb wonderer:
> .
> It would be good if everybody could look over it and give corrections
> and additional infos. 

I am only volunteer as the Press Officer for the Fedora EMEA NPO - please remove my Name from the PressKit. 

> Particularly for the range statistics I look for 
> information and sources. 
> Also I can place some more representative press 
> releases or pictures in. 

You can find Statistics at For Pictures and Layout you can work together with Artwork Team. And i am sure if you look around you will find Pictures like
and if you ask the owner they will give the right to use it in the PressKit.

As i have wrote in the previous Mail, i can imagine the PressKit as a general Source for a Quick Press Overview. The work is not to collect several PressArticles, it is to develop a Message, that Press - who want to know what Fedora is - have a Overview. Press Kit is Marketing Work. I would not put specific PressReleases in it.  

Important is, what message is to Transport - and the Focus should transport the new 4 Foundations!

> if there where "big" projects in business or 
> communitys it would be fine if someboda can give me more infos about it.

There are so many ;) think of OLPC, NASA, Financial Department of Mocambique ...

> If anybody has info or was involved in projects where fedora take place
> please contact me. I will put the infos in it.

I can only say how we handle the Press Work for the Fedora EMEA NPO - we work together with the several EventOwners to put Articles to the Regional Press.
For "important" Messages we Release our work through RedHat Press with the help from Andrea Schneider (Regional Marketing Manager Red Hat) to reach a wider propagation. For German Events we have a distribution list where we sent the Releases and they can use it if they want.
We have Fedora Contributors who are Editors at the biggest German IT-Portal and Magazin ct or we have also People at LinuxMagazin who are always interested in new stories. Robert has good Relation to and so on ...

CU Joerg
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