Testing news.fp.o

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at fedoraproject.org
Wed Sep 10 13:02:49 UTC 2008


We've got a test instance of wp-mu setup now, and although the
software still needs work to integrate it properly with Fedora
systems, I want to get people testing the work-flow etc so that when
we finally have the software ready to roll in production, we'll be
able to get straight to work :)

My plan for testing is to a) come up with a list of content that we're
going to publish on the site b) devise a work-flow c) get one or two
testers for each role in the work-flow d) publish some stories(!)

My thoughts on the above are:

a) Dedicate a day a week to one particular piece of content.

Mondays: FWN (prepared in the same way as it is now - it works so
well! - just published onto the blog)
Tuesdays: Fedora Daily Package(?) (We'd need to ask Chris Tyler about this)
Wednesdays: Fedora TV video
Thursdays: Interview
Friday: Team focus (pick a particular team, talk about the work that
they're doing, how you can get involved etc)
Saturday: Hints/Tips/Tutorials/Docs...
Sunday: Take a break!?

These are just some rough ideas. I see no reason we couldn't publish
more than once on a given day if something interesting came up, or
somebody wrote some editorial content, but having a good staple of
regular content will help keep people coming to the site frequently.

b) I want to make the content as high quality as possible, and I think
that having all work published and edited by somebody other than the
author, and who has proven to be a competent writer, is a prerequisite
for this. With this in mind, I don't think we should use the "Author"
role that WordPress offers, but only the "Contributor" and "Editor"
roles. Contributors would be able to write posts, but would need to
get an editor to publish. Editors could write posts and publish, but
would need to follow an honour system and ask another editor to review
their work and publish it.

Maybe this is overkill, I don't know, but feedback is welcome!

c) Volunteers?

d) Need to clear up the other areas first.

Keep in mind that this is a test-instance, and our work would be
liable to disappear at anytime and not promoted to the main site when
it starts.

For anybody interested in what remains technically, check the ticket
at https://hosted.fedoraproject.org/fedora-infrastructure/ticket/178.
I'm sure Bret would appreciate any help anybody can offer.


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