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Jason B,
I think what you want in not here if you want to market Fedora under your own ideas for consumers to pick and choose what they want like Slax and you sell it, well you would need a core and a auto build system for compiling and then have a web site to link people to there wants let them view all packages pick and choose. Or offer your services to choose for them. And sell the ISO or disk through the mail. Then your not actually charging for the OS, but for the job of getting all together.

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> Arnav Kalra wrote:
> > this is not going against FOSS it is spreading FOSS to
> all and if the 
> > creator wants to have something closed source in his
> OS he has full 
> > freedom. I only want this not to have a patented spin
> but to customize 
> > fedora according to one's needs.
> Isn't Fedora already doing it? There's also Fedora
> Spin, 
> http://spins.fedoraproject.org/ . If you are talking about
> like eeeDora 
> type? or you are talking about a spin like centOS off
> Redhat type? ..... 
> May be you describe a little more of what is in your mind
> of this 
> distributor spin or you talking about tools to create
> distributor spin 
> whereby allow  any creator  have the freedom to place
> custom proprietor 
> software of his choice?
> My opinion is, any created spin based on fedora core that
> consisted 
> closed source or propietor software should not e Fedora
> Distribution 
> anymore.
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