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On Tue, Sep 23, 2008 at 11:16 PM, Michael Beckwith <
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> On an operating system, far far away,, we were deep. We were busy slaving
> away in front of our lovely Fedora 9-run computer, hacking away at graphics
> for our theme proposals. Three rounds in, and we were down to four options.
> When it came down to it, we decided that we were no longer content with
> staying on this planet. The voices in our heads had spoken, and we decided
> to blast off into space and go Solar.
> We weren't feeling completely InvinXble. However, being the FOSS advocates
> we are, and with our support of Fedora, we were not afraid of of the unknown
> frontier.  The Gears of time shown bright with a healthy Neon glow, but
> neither of these had very much effect on the course of destiny. Come join us
> as we sail into the Solar future for Fedora 10 later this year.
> Official winning order:
> Solar
> InvinXble
> Gears
> Neon

My favorite is Solar theme.

Best regards,
Ricardo Ichizo
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