Opening Red Hat Magazine

Mathieu Bridon (bochecha) bochecha at
Thu Sep 25 08:36:57 UTC 2008

>> If we decided to open up Red Hat Magazine, so that members of the Fedora
>> community were part of the editorial board, responsible for identifying
>> and
>> producing great Fedora content for a broad audience, and using the Red
>> Hat
>> Magazine voice directly -- would that be of interest to people here?
>> I'm talking about running RHM completely transparently.  Open editorial
>> meetings, an open publication calendar, etc., etc.  Would you be
>> interested
>> in participating in such a project?
> My main worry is brand marketing. When I think of Red Hat Magazine, I
> expect items/content written/produced for the Red Hat products: RHEL,
> RHN, RHCE, RH-DS, RH-IPA, etc. [Even though that has not been the
> general trend of the magazine.] I don't think Fedora as at least in my
> brain I keep them as separate entities. A Fedora Magazine I would
> expect items on Fedora Linux, Spacewalk, FreeIPA, Fedora-DS, Dogtags,
> etc..
> Does that make sense to others? What would be the end product and what
> 'marketing brand' would it mostly embracing?


I'd rather see a Fedora Magazine too. It can use the same infrastructure,
but make it as independant as possible to the eyes of readers (ie: not a
* URL, Fedora look and feel, ...).

We should try to separate the two brands. Of course RedHat is liable for
Fedora, but if we use the RHM, we'll be seen as a RedHat product (which we
don't want right ?).

The recent "incident" already hurt the independance of the Fedora
Community. Let's not perpetuate this situation.



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