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Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at
Thu Sep 25 10:06:59 UTC 2008

Jonathan Roberts wrote:
> One other comment I'll throw in on this thread: where was this kind of
> enthusiasm when I asked for testers and content producers to help with
> a news.fp.o? I gave a description that essentially pitched an idea
> very much like RHM, but it would have been the Fedora communities own
> tool.
> Did I go wrong somewhere in describing the project, or are people less
> interested because it's community run?
> So far the only offer of help I've had for testers was from Rahul, and
> the testing has been put on hold partly because I'm extremely busy
> this week, but partly because I don't know if we can do any testing
> with just the two of us!
> I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on the reasons for this...

It may be because RHM is already an established brand with a corporate 
link and a certain audience, so writing for it gives you more prestige. 
Or maybe because RHM used to pay for contributions?

Probably is just because it is already running and working, not a "TO 
DO" item.

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