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> Jonathan Roberts wrote:
>> One other comment I'll throw in on this thread: where was this kind of
>> enthusiasm when I asked for testers and content producers to help with
>> a news.fp.o? I gave a description that essentially pitched an idea
>> very much like RHM, but it would have been the Fedora communities own
>> tool.
>> Did I go wrong somewhere in describing the project, or are people less
>> interested because it's community run?
>> So far the only offer of help I've had for testers was from Rahul, and
>> the testing has been put on hold partly because I'm extremely busy
>> this week, but partly because I don't know if we can do any testing
>> with just the two of us!
>> I'd be interested to hear people's thoughts on the reasons for this...
> It may be because RHM is already an established brand with a corporate link
> and a certain audience, so writing for it gives you more prestige. Or maybe
> because RHM used to pay for contributions?
> Probably is just because it is already running and working, not a "TO DO"
> item.
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+1 nicu

Fedora has all the resource to publish Fedora Magazine on its own. But, RHM
is well known and it has already the corporate link, no doubt on that.
More than, it could be a great way to promote / market Fedora along with

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