Reminder: Fedora Marketing Meeting today

Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Thu Sep 25 16:15:09 UTC 2008

2008/9/25 Greg Dekoenigsberg <gdk at>:
> 3pm Eastern US time.  #fedora-mktg on freenode.  Be there.  ;)

Heh, after all the discussions earlier today, this is a meeting I'd
very much love to be at - but alas I probably can't. My brother is
getting married on Saturday, and family and friends are starting to
arrive this evening. I think we'd planned to talk about general
strategy rather than work through the task list this week, so here are
a couple of issues I'd have liked to talk about, and my thoughts on


I don't care whose infrastructure we use, but I want to get this going
soon. The vital ingredients (heh, you'd never guess I've just been
cooking for seven!) from my point of view are:

 * We need to keep the Fedora brand separate from Red Hat's here. I
want this to be a central place where users can turn to for
information about *Fedora*, with content created openly in the
 * I'd like it to be a space owned by the community. I'd welcome
contributions from RH pros, but, this is a project that I really think
we could build community involvement with mktg from. Open governance,
like any other Fedora Project, would probably play a key role.
 * Let's take into consideration any plans for the wider project that
might want to be using blogs, before deciding what infrastructure we

Some useful mailing list references where I've further expressed my views:

Time Based Marketing Plan

The plan we created earlier in the year was useful and helped us to
solidify what we were going to be pushing as the 'image' of Fedora.
Where I think it failed was that we didn't get many practical
applications out of it. What I've suggested in the past is a time
based marketing plan, based around a release cycle. This would give us
specific marketing tasks and messages to talk about, providing plenty
of practical use.

Here's a useful link on this:


Yeah, I'm a little behind with these so far this release, but I do
have some lined up. Would you believe, life is pretty busy in the
build up to a wedding!! Anybody interested in doing these should just
do it, though maybe check with me that I haven't talk to the relevant
developers already, as I can then make introductions rather than
approaching them twice.

Fedora TV

Kushal is rocking with this, just wanted to say great job :)

Fedora Media Stories

Rather than just posting these to the list, we should put them on a
wiki page. Also, we need to try and start digging more often again...
seems like we made good progress getting wider appreciation for Fedora
a while ago, but now it's died back again.

I think that's everything, sorry for the long, slightly ranty(?) email!

/me gets back to cooking.


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