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Jonathan Roberts jonrob at
Thu Sep 25 16:35:57 UTC 2008

> If all we wanted was to fill space with opinion-mongering. I'm your
> man. I'll get off the board by the end of the calendar year and
> dedicate the time I've set aside for fab email to writing poorly
> punctuated editorial screeds meant for Fedora magazine content. But
> you know what? I think that is exactly the sort of content you want to
> avoid as much as possible.

Jef, if you'd been following discussions about news.fp.o over the last
year you'd have seen that this is exactly the kind of thing that I've
been pursuing, arguing for a writer/editor work flow to ensure
quality, and making many suggestions for different kinds of Fedora
related content.

Not all of the content suggestions I've made have been technical, but
*all* of them are already being produced consistently by people in the
community, or have been at some point in the past, and all that we
need is a central location to pull all of this together. Having a
skilled team of writers and editors, of which a number already exist
within Fedora, will help to lift this content to even higher levels.

> My feeling is, if we we going to do this, we need to figure out a way
> to make use of gatherings of community members as significant
> generators of magazine content which can be released over a period of
> time. Just for example if we had a Fedora "press" person at Plumbers,
> how much content could have been generated from personal conversations
> via audio notes or video footage?  Can we expect a volunteer press
> person to pay their own way for a technical conference like Plumbers?
> Can we turn one of the attendees to a conference like that into a
> Fedora press person? Put a FUDCon in Fairbanks and I'll help you
> figure all that out in a controlled environment :->.

Much of this I've attempted before, asking for recording equipment at
FUDCon, which sadly never materialised, and as I've been explaining
before, frequently arguing for a central location to bring together
Fedora content that is already being created. All the while, over the
last many months I've worked with a number of people to try and make
this vision a reality, and while it's taken us a long time, we're
almost there with it.

I'm sorry if this sounds frustrated, angry or exasperated, but I've
been trying to pull this together for months, making many of these
points repeatedly, but without any response. Then, to have people come
along only repeating what I've said, with apparently zero knowledge of
what I've said before is frustrating.

Even more frustrating is that this conversation has come up now, so
close to us being able to launch something. Where was the enthusiasm 6
months ago?!

/me ends angry rant, apologies, and heads off to check that parsnips
aren't burning
> -jef
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