Secondary mark wording

Clint Savage herlo1 at
Thu Sep 25 16:45:47 UTC 2008

2008/9/25 Paul W. Frields <stickster at>:
> Hi Marketeers, it's (past?) time we discussed the wording for a
> secondary wordmark.  Having a secondary wordmark, a community-usable
> mark for derivative spins, will help drive more interest in Fedora.  It
> enables a slew of use cases, some of which I've outlined in a draft of
> new trademark guidelines here, which are under review by Red Hat's legal
> department:
> I made a couple drafts using one of the proposed word marks, "Fueled by
> Fedora," which got a lot of positive response when I floated it around
> to different community members.  Another great suggestion is "Fedora
> Remix."
> We will *not* use something tired like "Based on Fedora," nor awkward or
> jargon-laden, like "Derived from Fedora" or "Contains Fedora RPMs."  If
> anyone's got a great suggestion, I'll take it under advisement and a
> good design will have some weight too.  So far the two phrases I
> suggested above are the only ones that have had significant flash value
> to me and the other people who've heard them.
> The actual text of the mark will ultimately come down to three deciding
> bodies:  the Fedora Board, Red Hat Legal, and the FPL (me).
> The pros and cons of each of these phrases:
> "Fueled by Fedora":
> + Alliteration, which we love.
> + I like the idea that the community is an eco-friendly, renewable, and
> healthy resource
> - May not translate well
> - Maybe fueling something is not a clear indication of how Fedora
> relates to X.
> "Fedora Remix":
> + Relies on the "remix" idea that we firmly established in F7
> + Pushes our tools -- we can establish remix.fp.o, for example
> ? May not translate, but many cultures may simply use the word "remix"
> and therefore a single wordmark serves everyone equally
> - Might be jargon, and therefore doesn't promote a community feeling --
> leaves out people who aren't "in the know"

While I really like 'Fedora Remix', may I suggest 'Powered by Fedora'?
 I know it's a bit cliche, but would go a long way to being able to
have a good market 'Powered by' Fedora.



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