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Thu Sep 25 16:52:36 UTC 2008

On Wed, 2008-09-24 at 15:57 -0400, Greg Dekoenigsberg wrote:
> I'd like to ask folks here on this list a question.
> If we decided to open up Red Hat Magazine, so that members of the Fedora 
> community were part of the editorial board, responsible for identifying 
> and producing great Fedora content for a broad audience, and using the Red 
> Hat Magazine voice directly -- would that be of interest to people here?
> I'm talking about running RHM completely transparently.  Open editorial 
> meetings, an open publication calendar, etc., etc.  Would you be 
> interested in participating in such a project?

Late to the discussion and obviously biased, but yes.

In fact, I have already decided to do that with Dev Fu.  I have a draft
proposal to the world of communities Red Hat is involved in.  The idea
is nearly analogous to what you are saying, but I had planned on running
it all through myself so as to not have to seek approval. :)

- Karsten
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