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On Thu, 2008-09-25 at 08:07 -0800, Jeff Spaleta wrote:

> If we want to set a higher bar than that, where we aim for some
> technical meat then I'm not sure we figured out how to cultivate that
> material.  For example.  a cleaned up version of Leenart's "Guide to
> Sound APIs" now appearing on his blog would be something I could see
> being lifted up into a magazine article. But since its already on his
> blog, is it no longer worth trying to recirculate in a dedicated
> magazine since the intended audience has already seen it on the
> planet?
> My feeling is, if we we going to do this, we need to figure out a way
> to make use of gatherings of community members as significant
> generators of magazine content which can be released over a period of
> time. Just for example if we had a Fedora "press" person at Plumbers,
> how much content could have been generated from personal conversations
> via audio notes or video footage?  Can we expect a volunteer press
> person to pay their own way for a technical conference like Plumbers?
> Can we turn one of the attendees to a conference like that into a
> Fedora press person? Put a FUDCon in Fairbanks and I'll help you
> figure all that out in a controlled environment :->.

You are hitting core parts of the discussion.  I've been thinking about
this stuff for about two years, with a few failed starts that mainly
relied upon me, myself, and I.  I can see a *ton* of methods and value
to force multiply.  Having a larger group of people in a joint community
venture would make a big difference.

Leenart's blog post is a great example.  We have people writing good
content for their blog that could be in one of the Magazines.  Sometimes
they approach us about re-circulating, which is great.  Original
publication first would be best.  Bigger audience for all of us, etc.
Like the value the planet brings, but more so.

- Karsten
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