Omega 10 Desktop Linux

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at
Tue Sep 30 07:16:37 UTC 2008

Satish Eerpini wrote:
> great work , ..... looking forward to testing it !! ,....
> so to make it clear , ...... are u planning to release a version of
> Omega for every Fedora ?
> that had be great ,,..... i am ready to contribute if it needs help
> ,...... this kind of work would especially click in india , where the
> internet (speed ) is bad and so people would love to have one dvd with
> everything !! :-)

Yes, the plan is to do new releases in lock step with new Fedora 
releases following the development cycle as much as possible (ie) do 
alpha, beta releases etc. Since rawhide is frozen before test and 
general releases, doing a compose from there (and no mirrors), makes it 
possible for me to even release earlier to official Fedora releases. 
Note that the current release is a live cd and not a dvd. I am not 
planning to do other variants at the moment.


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