Marketing SOPs

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Dec 15 18:24:30 UTC 2009

One of the projects we have between now and Alpha is to document how to 
create each of our primary release deliverables in the form of a SOP[0].

You can see our current SOPs here: Some 
are more polished than others.

Of course, I had to start by making a SOP on how to make SOPs. :)

It makes use of the (also new) Marketing SOP template, That template is 
meant to be a suggestion/aide to make life easier, so don't feel 
compelled to stick to it if you think a different format will work 
better for you.


[0] Standard Operating Procedure - we used to call them "HOWTOs," but I 
switched the term to be more consistent with the terminology other teams 
use (specifically, The HOWTO 
pages have been redirected/recategorized to reflect this.

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