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Sun Dec 20 01:21:39 UTC 2009

Hey all,

At a few weeks' ago marketing(may have been ambassadors?) meeting, I drug Paul 
Mellors (cc'd) into a discussion with Max Spevack and I about creating a 
podcast where various Fedora contributors would be interviewed by the host(s) 
about what they do in the project, how they found Fedora, why they are a 
member, etc etc etc...

Well, I think that such a thing would be a good marketing project, and think 
that the new year would be the perfect time to start it up. Max said he had 
some ideas on the podcast, and so did Paul, so I think it would be a good idea 
to start up this discussion again, in a mailing list. I don't know if Paul is 
a member of this list (I think so) but hopefully he doesn't mind joining in on 
the discussion :)

Mine are, in essence, that first paragraph, it's a pretty straightforward 
idea, I think. We'd brainstorm a list of contributors; not just big names, but 
a lot of the newer developers, too. This has, I think, a two-fold effect: It 
gets new developers who get featured -really- excited and the chance to 
promote $project of theirs, and it shows people who may be thinking about 
contributing just how easy it can be.



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