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On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 5:02 PM, Jack Aboutboul <jaa at> wrote:

> Hey All,
> At the beta readiness meeting today we spoke briefly about the news
> distribution network.  One of the points that was brought up was whether or
> not we could work together with the Fedora L10N team to translate some of
> the stories from english to other languages or vice-versa and how we could
> work together in the future.
> What do people think about this?  Also, for people involved in the News
> Distribution Network, would you be interested in having things translated to
> your language or for your language?
> Diego do you want to add anything?

Sorry for the delay guys, but it was a busy week with the Transifex 0.5

Well, from where I can see, we could encourage people from the L10N group to
join the NDN group. It would reduce delays as cited in another reply.
AFAIK we already have a set of people for the set of languages chosen, as we
can see here[1]. Those people should have in mind that if they can't do the
work for a specific news/period, they
could/must try contact theirs local Fedora main list (i.e
fedora-trans-pt_br) asking someone to do the work.

What I mean is that IMHO the NDN more or less seems to be a selected group
of people from the L10N group, with some more 'responsibilities', as focus
in marketing, for example. So we are already working together more or less.
BTW if the NDN team wants to send an email for the fedora-trans-list once in
a while announcing any topic/news to be translated, as an encouragement for
other languages to start doing it, I can't see anything against it.

Just let me know if I misunderstood something. :)



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