Slogan for F11

Jack Aboutboul jaa at
Fri Mar 20 20:31:57 UTC 2009

Hello All,

At the beta readiness meeting on Wednesday, I brought up the discussion 
of us working with Art and Docs in a closer fashion.  One of the things 
we came up with, courtesy of mizmo was that we have yet to decide on a 
slogan for F11.  This is prime marketing real estate, and we have a 
chance to come up with something great.

What I suggest is that we brainstorm first by coming up with some key 
words and building from that.  What is the message we want to convey for 
this release?  We already have some things which are ironclad (like the 
four foundations), but lets see what we can come up with.

I threw up a quick and dirty wiki page at . I don't 
know what this will end up looking like, but I figure we will have 
discussion on here and that those ideas should be spelled out on the 
wiki as well so we can draw from them all.  Put in the key words at the 
top and then use the rest as a scratch space.

The slogan really is the all-encompassing message for the release so we 
need to put our thinking caps on.  I'm sure Paul, et. al. will offer 
some guidance, but otherwise, show me what you got.

Whats the best you've got?


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