What to expect from Fedora 11

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Wed May 13 16:34:50 UTC 2009


A very informative review covering a wide range of improvements coming
up in Fedora 11.


"Volume Control: When I installed the beta looking at the feature list
was impressed that I could connect my bluetooth head set and configure
it with simplicity. But the installation didn’t get the job done. It
detected my Jabra Headset, that is all. Then after a few updates, I was
bowled! All I had to do was pair it with my system and POP it shows up
in the volume configuration. Simply brilliant"

"Presto: This is a plug-in for ‘yum’. It enables delta rpm support in
Fedora. Delta rpm is an rpm file which stores the difference between
versions of a package. For example updating the open office suite would
nearly take a 100 M download, using deltarpms you can save up to 60 %
that is you’d download only about 40M. It is not enabled by default so
you will have to ‘yum’ it."

"DeviceKit: It is similar to HAL and it is to eventually replace it. It
is a device management tool. One new software which is included in the
devicekit is the Palimpsest Disk Utility. It checks your hard disk and
notifies you the state of your drive.

It also checks the status of your disks at login time and provides
fixes. You can do basic file system operation in it like deletion of
partition or renaming a label and others."

"This release has got me more excited than 10. The features as the wiki
says it “dwarfs any other release”. It looks very promising and the
future for Fedora seems brighter. It is definitely a brilliant milestone
after 10 releases."


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