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Leandro M. César leandro.cesar at gmail.com
Wed May 13 18:13:55 UTC 2009

Oh my!

Someone kill this guy please!

"a dream laptop signed by Linus Torvalds"

What this guy think about Linux users and community?


On Wed, May 13, 2009 at 3:07 PM, Jack Aboutboul <jaa at redhat.com> wrote:
> I just wanted to pass this on so everyone is informed about it.  They are
> trying to start a social network.  What do you guys think about it?
> Jack
> The Linux Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of the new Linux.com.
> In addition to Linux news, product listings, and more, Linux.com is designed
> to be interactive; “for the community by the community.” After you log in to
> Linux.com with your LinuxFoundation.org ID and password you can:
>  * Gain Guru Points for site contributions and compete for the "Ultimate
> Linux Guru" prize: a dream laptop signed by Linus Torvalds
>  * Create a group for your LUG or developer group and invite friends to stay
> informed. (linux.com/community/groups)
>  * Add an Event to the Linux.com Calendar. No event is too big or small.
> (linux.com/community/events)
>  * Post a comment in our Forums to get help with Linux
> (linux.com/community/forums)
>  * Ask a question or give a solution in Answers (linux.com/learn/answers)
>  * Add a listing or a product review in our Directory (linux.com/directory)
>  * Create your own tutorial (linux.com/learn/tutorials) or blog entry
> (linux.com/community/blogs)
> When you add content to the new Linux.com, you gain the goodwill and support
> of your fellow Linux.com users.  As you participate in the site's community
> by providing content, you will gain Guru points that will enable you to gain
> Guru status and will help you connect to jobs and collaboration
> opportunities.
> The top-ranked Linux.com user will be recognized each year as the “Ultimate
> Linux Guru” and be given a fully loaded “dream” Linux notebook, personally
> autographed by Linus Torvalds, as recognition of his or her guru status. The
> top five contributors to Linux.com will be invited to the Linux Foundation
> Collaboration Summit to participate in the planning for the future of
> Linux.com.  The top 50 Linux Gurus on Linux.com will be included in an
> annual report from the Linux Foundation.  More information, including “Guru”
> point values, is available on the site at linux.com/welcome-community.
> With a blend of the old and the new in place, there's no reason to delay
> becoming a Linux Guru. Welcome back to the new Linux.com.
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