Non English Podcast?

Felix Kaechele felix at
Wed May 20 19:54:45 UTC 2009

Am 20.05.2009 21:37, schrieb Gerold Kassube:
>> Henrik Heigl is doing the FWN in German for a German Linux Radio
>> Project. Maybe he is interested in doing interviews with those persons.
>> Felix
> ^^
> To be honest, and also Henrik know, there were several people who are
> interested in translating the FWN in German and have that talk in the
> German Linux Radio; ...
> If somebody needs German Speaker for an interview we have in the German
> Community more that one person who is able to talk ...

Sure. I am aware of that but I just gave a hint in a direction because I 
already heard some of Hendrik's works and thought it could be highly 
likely that he wants to do these podcasts.
Of course it would be great if other people from the German community 
would step up and do something like this.


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