Fedora 11: Virtual(ization) Reality

Jack Aboutboul jaa at redhat.com
Tue May 26 15:19:43 UTC 2009

Cutting edge virtualization technology has always been one of Fedora's 
strong suits and Fedora 11 looks to continue that trend. In an interview 
with Daniel P. Berrange, Red Hat Virt Team Engineer and Fedora 
Virtualization guru, we talk about the many key upgrades to virt 
technology in F11 focusing on areas of usability, performance and 
security. Fedora 11 will premiere the latest in secure and powerful 
virtualization technology available to users and developers. With so 
much to look forward to Fedora 11, it's sure to make your virtualization 
dreams a reality.

Read the interview at: 

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