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Sun Nov 1 08:43:37 UTC 2009

Hi all,
My name is Athanasios (Sakis for short) Samaras and I have some experience
in the field of sales and marketing. Actually for a long time I was either
employed as a Sales or a Marketing person.
My communication carrier starts back in 1990 and up to about 2 years ago -
since then I am fully employed as the Supporter/Developer/Technical
support/Technical writer and any other IT related occupation you can imagine
by a small company - depending on the company size, my duties include
anything from writing code and technical documentation to final
presentations to potential customers in various countries.
At some point that I was employed by a US company I was sent to Jakarda in
order to "perform" a presentation - I actually live in Greece most of the
time - to both Management and -at second stage - technical staff.
A brief CV of my involvement with marketing contains a few years working in
Marketing Group of Thermi project (smart homes and remote monitoring -
internal project of Greek telecom) where I was involved in all marketing
aspects from Business Plan to presentation and leaflets, working as a
"Project Engineer" on behalf of Open Connection for a large Document
Management Project in UK (again the end client was a Telecom) where I was
responsible for coordination and documentation of the project as well as the
development of a methodology for similar projects, some other smaller scale
activities such as Business Plans for small and very small companies, or
local sales to Greece.
Last 2 projects involved the design, implementation and productization of an
e-service delivery  platform  and a PDA based e-service platform both
targeted to Tourism industry where as soon as I got some one to take over
the development from my hands, I was re-assigned to marketing (again from BP
to pricing to packaging to leaflets and communication plans).

Finally my weaknesses: well, I tend to write and talk, but you can see that
for yourself.

Well if I can be of any use, please let me know.

Sakis Samaras

I also participate in the Doc translation team for Greek language and
occasionally write at wikipedia.
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