This week's meeting: come to either Daylight Savings Time or not (2 meeting slots)

Mel Chua mel at
Tue Nov 3 19:22:08 UTC 2009

Short version: this week's meeting will be a "Daylight Savings Time Is 
Weird" meeting; you can either come at 20:00 UTC or 21:00 UTC (for me, 
that's 3pm EST and 4pm EST) and there will be a Marketing meeting at the 
start of both hours and a worksprint on release deliverables for the 
remainder of that hour.

Going forward, we'll stick with 20:00 UTC regardless of daylight savings 
time, so US folks such as myself who are affected by DST, that's 3pm 
now. Holler with any time conflicts - when we sit down to plan for F13, 
we'll also do a quick check to see if we need to recalibrate our meeting 



19:07:41  * mchua looks to see if the meeting announcement actually went out
19:08:38 < mchua> ...oh gah! My script timed out because I stopped it 
right before daylight savings!
19:10:34 < mchua> ...wait, zodbot and daylight savings...
19:10:54 < mchua> ...don't match.
19:11:09  * mchua checks to see what I said last night on the mailing list
19:12:20 < mchua> Apparently I sent conflicting time info on the mailing 
19:12:33 < mchua> Lovely.
19:13:48 < mchua> Ok. What I'm going to do is since we've already got a 
late meeting time for Europe, and zodbot isn't affected by DST, I'm 
going to make our meeting time unaffected by DST.
19:14:00 < mchua> I'm going to resign myself to doing two 1-hour 
meetings today (mostly worksprints) to catch everyone.
19:14:18 < mchua> And I'm going to update the meetings page and the 
mailing list with that right now.

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