Colin's comments on the one-page release notes

Mel Chua mel at
Wed Nov 4 18:36:47 UTC 2009

Via Paul and Mo, from Colin:

18:23:23 < stickster> <walters> mizmo: nice work on the one page release 
notes; one thing we should do probably that would help you out
here is more clearly separate Features into those 3 categories
18:23:23 < stickster>  <walters> then you could link to the 
Features/Desktop, Features/Administration, Features/Development
18:23:23 < stickster>  <mizmo> walters: oh i didnt do it, i just added 
some images to it, i think the marketing team had a sprint on it
18:23:23 < stickster>  <walters> right now (like the package system), 
apps, development, and core system are all mixed up

Good stuff for anyone interested in working on - incorporating 
these changes into the F12 version is a nice quick one for someone 
looking for a 15min task to get started with.


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