Needed: Marketing representative for F12 readiness meeting

Mel Chua mel at
Thu Nov 5 14:27:25 UTC 2009

> Wed 11-Nov Wed 11-Nov F12 Project Wide Release Readiness Meeting

Speaking of which: I'm going to be in Singapore during this meeting and 
will need a sub - would anyone like to represent Marketing for the 
readiness meeting next Wednesday?

It basically involves standing up - on IRC or on the phone, not sure 
which medium we're using this time - and giving folks an update on 
Marketing deliverables status (like the quick one I just sent to this 
list) and whether there's anything blocking us from finishing on time 
for the release (there shouldn't be) and making sure we're not blocking 
anyone else (we shouldn't be).

For the curious, you can see the logs from the last readiness meeting 
(for the Beta) here:

I'll even write you a HOWTO if you want. ;)


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