Potential press release for Red Hat to distribute

Max Spevack mspevack at redhat.com
Fri Nov 6 23:25:12 UTC 2009

Hey Kara,

Something that Fedora has been working on for a while now is the 
relicensing of all of its documentation and wiki to a Creative Commons 
license.  We just finished this process up (in time for Fedora 12), and 
one of the things that the Fedora Marketing team has done is written up 
a press release talking about this, and why it is important.

As a collective, we're curious to know if you think this is a press 
release that *Red Hat* would like to release through its official 
channel.  If so, we want to give Red Hat the first shot at it.


If not, then we'll push this news out through our various Fedora 
channels, but it seemed like a good idea to get your feedback first, as 
our primary contact for all Fedora press stuff at Red Hat.

We're hoping to make a habit out of putting together more press releases 
like this -- places where we make a point of focusing, and writing up in 
a formal way, news items that are important to the Fedora community, so 
making sure we have good communication back to you and Red Hat PR is 
important to me.

(Side note to the Fedora Marketing team -- Kara is one of Red Hat's PR 
gurus, and she is the person that Paul Frields and I work with for all 
Fedora and community-related press that goes through Red Hat.)



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