Done(ish): Interview Highlights: Virtualization Improvements in Fedora 12

Robyn Bergeron robyn.bergeron at
Sat Nov 7 17:35:29 UTC 2009

I've written up some of the highlights from Mel's interview with some
of the virt team.

Please take a gander.  I took a few liberties... like capitalization,
the use of [words] to summarize parts of a sentence on occasions when
I didn't want to use the whole previous sentence / lead-in, changing
irc nicks on occasion to full names, fixing spelling errors, etc.
(Okay, that's more than a few liberties, I suppose. :D)  Also, if
anyone has any thoughts on better framing it - I used straight
interview quotes summarized by topic headings, rather than doing
something more formal along the lines of "Mel also spoke with David
about XYZ. "

In any case - feedback would be appreciated, particularly in the area
of "wow, she totally omitted the MOST IMPORTANT THING said" or "she
totally mangled the meaning there" - the most I know about
virtualization is "what it is" and "how to spell it," although I did
learn quite a bit from the AWESOME interview that was conducted here.
 I'm also mildly concerned about lengthiness, but I felt that what is
here is fairly informative and I didn't want to cut anything good. :)


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