Fedora 12 tour

Athanasios E. Samaras ath.samaras at gmail.com
Sat Nov 7 22:16:10 UTC 2009

Sorry I just have a few days that I jumped in.
Unite it is then.
Still:  apart of the Virtualization and Empathy can we promote the usage of
F12 for Net-tops and Embedded systems? If so please include a URL for
further reading.



2009/11/7 Máirín Duffy <mairin at linuxgrrl.com>

> Athanasios E. Samaras wrote:
>> Also as a note, we need to create and freeze a central moto (that has to
>> replace or be included in the first lines ).
>> I will include the nick '/Constantine' / in the page so we have an
>> additional keyword for the engines.
> The central motto was already decided a while back - it is "Unite."
> ~m
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